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Top Spiritual Movies – David Hoffmeister: “The main character, Lucy, is going to have a flash of awakening, and time is very limited after this flash. It’s coming to a close in a matter of hours. It’s a powerful, profound flash into the inevitability of awakening.

A Course in Miracles talks about the borderland as if all the decisions have already been made, which points to the script is written. All the decisions in form have already been made: what to do, where to go, what to practice. All the things that seem to be a myriad of decisions are already made. You get to a point with such a major flash that you are in the tractor beam, and you are getting beamed up. There is nothing you can do to stop it. You have gone too far, to the ego's terms.

Lucy Top Spiritual MoviesOnce the blue crystals are released into Lucy’s bloodstream, you can feel the inevitability of the awakening. It hits strong, it hits hard, and there is absolutely no hesitation after it hits. From that point, nothing is a decision to her.

When the inevitability of awakening hits your mind, then that is the end. When you are hit with this, you are found. There is no hesitation in this. When the tractor beam has got you, effectively it is over. There is no wiggle room. You cannot say to God, “Not quite now.”

Lucy seems like a regular human being at the beginning of the movie. She has some fear, and then, boom, after it hits, she is fearless. It is not human. Humans hesitate; she does not. Humans think they have got years to live; she does not. Humans feel they have got free will, free choice, in the world; she does not. That is why this is a very strong movie.”

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