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The deep messages in the movies Son of God and The Ten Commandments will leave you with a profound impression that will deepen your spiritual journey. The online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment recommends that you give yourself quiet and spacious time to watch these two gems of Christian movies online, so you can let them sink deep into your mind.           


Son of God (2014) - Mini Review

Son of God Christian Movie Online The story of Jesus' life is the ultimate awakening movie, true love movie, purpose movie, forgiveness movie, and the script is written movie! This beautiful movie, made by Lightworkers, shows the Jesus that we know so well in our hearts. He is our brother. His eyes sparkle with love and joy. His Presence fills our heart with love and gratitude.

Metaphysical goodie quotes in this movie:

Peter: What are we going to do, then?
Jesus: We are going to change the world ....


The Ten Commandments (1956) - Mini Review

Ten Commandments Christian Movie OnlineThe story of Moses is a parable of turning your life over to God and following His sure direction. The sea of duality cannot prevent you from remembering Eternal Oneness. Have faith and you shall be lead to the promised Oneness, for that is what you are in Truth!

Metaphysical goodie quotes in this movie:

Moses: There is a beauty beyond the senses, Nefretiri. Beauty like the quiet of green valleys and still waters. Beauty of the spirit that you cannot understand.


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