Which Movie to Watch for a Spiritual Awakening Experience?

When deciding what movie to watch, feel into what emotion, fear, or issue is in the mind right now. Picking the right movie at the right time will bring you a deeper spiritual awakening experience, which means a speed-up in your awakening. So get really present with what you are experiencing in this moment, and open your mind to be shown the shift in perception that is helpful for you now.      

MWGE Spiritual Awakening ExperienceUse the Emotion/Theme Index on the Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment to find movie recommendations based on your current state of mind. Once you find the movie you feel to see, use your favorite online movie or DVD rental service to obtain it. Find your movie review, read it, and scroll down to the bottom to find any special A/V setups, mini movies, or clips.

It is helpful to read the review before, during, and after the movie. This will keep the mind focused on the healing content. Print off a copy for reference during the movie by clicking the link on the top right corner of the review. If any upsetting emotions or thoughts arise during the movie, pause the movie immediately and do an Instrument for Peace or Levels of Mind worksheet, or share what's coming up for you with trusted friends at a movie gathering.

All upsetting thoughts and feelings are based on interpretations of what seems to be happening on the screen, whether it is the screen of life, or the silver screen. Movies can be used to heal upsets in the mind without having to play out dramas on the screen of life. That’s the miracle!

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Written by : LMCenter