Countdown to the Top 10 Best Spiritual Movies by David Hoffmeister with MWGE! Numbers 2 and 1

The countdown is over! Here are the top two best spiritual movies by David Hoffmeister. Enjoy these mini reviews of spectacular forgiveness movies that we highly recommend watching from this new perspective. Have the Instrument for Peace worksheets ready while you watch!

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Top 10 Best Spiritual Movies #2: Groundhog Day (mini review)

Best Spiritual Movies Groundhog DayIf you have ever prayed that spiritual awakening could be funny, this movie is the answer to your call. Linear time is a loop where the past just seems to repeat over and over. The desire to get something back from others leads us on a fruitless search as we seek to overcome the void inside of us. And all attempts to escape this void seem futile.

That is what makes the movie Groundhog Day such a powerful metaphor. Not only can you see the loop, which is symbolic of the loop that everyone has experienced, but you also see a metaphor for the way out of the loop, which is just to be totally helpful—to completely lose yourself in the urge to be truly helpful.

When that desire awakens, the world is given a new purpose. Instead of focusing on escaping, we simply desire to extend and give love to everyone we meet. And with this change of purpose comes another way of looking at all the world, until we can finally say and mean "I love you."

Themes: Death, Letting Go, Inspiration, Deception, Time

Top 10 Best Spiritual Movies #1: Solaris (mini review)

Best Spiritual Movies SolarisThis enlightenment movie is a spectacular demonstration of the complete release from all pain and suffering through the process of true forgiveness. Chris Kelvin (George Clooney) is a psychologist called to investigate unexplainable events aboard an isolated research station orbiting the planet Solaris. He discovers that everything that seems to be occurring is merely a reflection of the thoughts in his mind. The planet Solaris acts to push Chris’ unconscious guilt and fear about his wife’s suicide to the surface. Chris realizes that he has “remembered her wrong” and he undergoes a deep forgiveness process to allow the awareness of Love to return to his mind.

The planet Solaris is the representation of abstract love, light, and Oneness. There is no sense of individuality in Oneness. Heaven is death to the ego, because “people” do not exist there. As the spaceship moves closer to Solaris, Chris feels as if he is going to be annihilated. In an intense scene, his personality self crumples to the floor. Surrendering to the Light in the mind is the only option, and although it is terrifying to the ego, once we continue to yield into the Light, an experience of True Love comes to take the place of fear.

This is a stunning movie on taking the steps required for true forgiveness of the belief that you could have existed outside of the Mind of God. Innocence reigns! We’ve never done anything wrong, and everything is forgiven, because it never happened in Reality!

Do not hold onto your seats! You might find yourself being lifted!

Themes: Forgiveness, Power of Thought, Letting Go, Heal Past Associations

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