Let the Movie "Frequency" Support Your Spiritual Awakening Experience

Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment MWGE - “If you can get a glimmer of what Frequency is teaching, you can save yourself what seems to be thousands and thousands of lifetimes, because it is about the collapse of time. The two main characters, the father Frank, and the son Johnny, separated by death and thirty years, end up joining and connecting. Their life stories even seem to be changing.        

Frequency Spiritual Awakening ExperienceLet’s take a look at the idea of “the script is written.” ACIM W-158.4 If you change your mind does the script change, or is the script already written? The script is actually the past. The deeper you go, the more you start to realize that the whole point of forgiveness is to let go of the past. We reach a point where we see that we have to let go of the belief that we can fix and change the past, or rearrange it, or spin it out in a different way. Those are all the ego’s attempts to preserve the past and lock us into it. The script to come is also the past. That's the trick of time.

There are those who seem to be clairvoyant and able to forecast the future. It's possible because they are not reading the future, they are reading the past. The ego put the present in between the past and the future, and made the past and the future seem like they were different. One is already gone; one is yet to come. It’s a pretty sneaky trick that makes us plan for the future with thingslike life and health insurance. We fear that negative outcomes that we’ve known in the past could come again in the future. See how it just reinforces the fear and keeps the mind trapped in this linear construct of time that the ego invented! This is a good movie to reveal those symbols, and to make us question if any meaningful choices can be made in form.”

David Hoffmeister
Excerpt from his upcoming book Quantum Forgiveness

Let the movies support your spiritual awakening experience with MWGE!

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Written by : LMCenter