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This month’s featured movie is Being There, a classic enlightenment movie for recognizing spiritual awakening signs and overcoming spiritual awakening symptoms by giving yourself permission to forget the world and to live in a state of innocence, simplicity and non-judgment.

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Divine Providence in Action


Being There Metaphysical Movie Trailer

This movie is an invitation to lighten up on yourself and lead a very simple life, and a simple life in your mind, and to know that you’ll be perfectly taken care of if you do that.””

David Hoffmeister

Your Being There Guide

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Being There Movie Review - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsIn this classic 1979 movie for awakening, our main character, Chance the gardener, is an example of what it means to live in divine providence, clueless yet perfectly cared for. Chance lives in a state of non-judgment, watching the world through the innocent eyes of a child and guided by the Spirit of gentle kindness and love.

True love is innocent and beyond the judgments of the world. Innocence is beyond fear and want, for it contains everything within itself. Life is nothing more than a state of mind. Mind over matter is the lesson reflected in the final scene of this movie. In defenselessness is true safety, and this lesson shines clearly in the parable of this innocent, sweet, simple gardener.

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Being There Before Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsThere’s not a whole lot of movies that show divine providence in action. The main character is quite innocent and quite provided for in amazing, miraculous ways. It’s a good witness that innocence is not just eaten up by this world. When the mind is truly in a state of innocence, it’s so provided for. It’s only guilt that drives the mind to try to provide for itself.

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That last scene when Chance walks across the water, it’s like he didn’t know any better. He’s in the “I don’t know” state of mind. All the laws of physics are just assumptions anyway. Chance is so simple and he’s contrasted with the symbols of intelligence and power, including the presidency. But to remember God you literally have to forget intellectual knowledge. You have to give yourself permission to forget the world. You have to become an excellent forgetter to remember God.

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Lucy, Chance Share Common Characteristics

Lucy and Being There - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

From the very beginning to the end of Being There, the main character remains innocent and childlike. It’s the same state that the main character evolved into in the movie Lucy. Lucy and Chance seem like very different characters, but they are reflecting the same state of mind; they’re not judging anything. Because they are in such a pure state of mind, judgment is projected onto them, just like it was projected onto Jesus. The practice is to watch where you define yourself, other people or situations as good and bad and then get carried away with the projections as if they’re real.

Neither Chance nor Lucy mince words; they both practice direct communication. Lucy uses scientific language to speak to Professor Norman and Chance uses gardening metaphors to speak to the president. Lucy’s path to awakening is very rapid, 24 hours, and she demonstrates amazing paranormal abilities all through the movie. Chance’s attitude does the teaching. It’s not flashy, but gentle and kind. He’s not doing it over 24 hours; it’s an entire life’s journey of grace.

Following Prompts Builds Trust in Divine Providence

Divine Providence YouTube - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

Lesson 50 of A Course in Miracles is “I am sustained by the Love of God.” In that lesson Jesus tells us that you believe you are sustained by everything but God in this world. By following the Holy Spirit’s prompts, we begin to trust that we will be divinely provided for in every circumstance.

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It takes a lot of perseverance to keep bringing everything back to your own mind. That’s the value of movies, you get to notice your thoughts, reactions, what you liked and didn’t like and where you felt sharp emotions. Everything going on around us, on and off the movie screen, is ripe with opportunities for taking back projections, if you see them within the context of mind training. When the ego is threatened, it tries to protect itself by projecting. The ego is constantly using people, places and things to justify what it thinks it already knows. The ego doesn’t want to let go of its “I know” position so it becomes a faultfinder in the world. But as long as the problem is seen in other people and things, then it’s easy to label and dismiss and hold onto a position of being right. Awakening is about letting go of all positions, all agendas and all opinions and coming to that place where Chance is in Being There, innocent and detached.

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