“A Classic for Pulling Back Projections” – Tron: Legacy Movie Commentary by David Hoffmeister

This month’s featured movie is Tron Legacy, a best spiritual awakening classic for pulling back projections.

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“A Classic for Pulling Back Projections”


Tron Legacy Mini Movie Trailer

“Just this one movie can change your whole life because it’s so impactful. It shows you have to go into your mind to where the problem seems to be. You can’t keep projecting and seeing the error as if it’s outside of you, as if it’s done to you and you had no part in it. You have to take it all the way back, we’ll say pull back the projection completely, without exception. “

David Hoffmeister

     Movie Review

Tron Legacy Movie ReviewThis movie is a classic for seeing that you have to take back all projections in order to wake up to who you are. The only way to totally undo the ego, which was made to take the place of the true Self, is to reel the entire projection back in to the mind.

Kevin Flynn is a video game developer who believes he has created the perfect digital world. An experimental laser is used to digitize Flynn into the mainframe, called the Grid, where human “programs” appear in the likeness of the human “users” who created them.

     Audio Setup

godsnotdead3Here is an audio discussion before and after the movie about making up a world in your own likeness and image. In this movie, Kevin Flynn makes up Clu and then Clu invents a world, a make-believe world where there seems to be imprisonment. That’s what happens when you try to make yourself, instead of letting yourself be as God created you. You try to make up an alter image, an alter identity, and then the world is generated for that identity. It’s one of limits and boundaries, very much like the time-space cosmos, except the one in Clu’s world is a digital one.


     Bonus Material

What the Bleep Clip

Outward Picture,

Inward Condition

Watch this clip from the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and listen to David’s commentary to go deeper into the physics of projection. Quantum physics is showing that there’s thoughts in consciousness and they’re reflected in the chemicals in the brain. Those chemicals influence how you feel in the body, if you’re feeling pleasure, pain, thirst, hunger, tiredness, it’s all starting in the thoughts and beliefs in consciousness.

tron 5Now, quantum physics is taking one more step. It’s saying the people you meet and the world you perceive aren’t “out there.” The sights and sounds you see and hear in the world start as thoughts in consciousness, move out as brain waves and then the body projects them out. The body’s eyes and ears are projectors of the stimuli. It’s an outward picture of an inward condition. When you clear away the false beliefs and concepts in the mind, then you see a whole new world. That’s why nobody can make you feel bad. It’s all backwards. Everything that’s part of the cosmos is projected out from an inward picture.

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