Open up to Spontaneity with “Along Came Polly” – Mini Review on Along Came Polly 2004

Along Came Polly 2004
True happiness comes from forgiveness, The world is always just a reflection of our thoughts and wishes, Open up to Spontaneity with “Along Came Polly” – Mini Review on the Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment

Time for lightness, comedy and inspiration! Enjoy this online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment mini review of the movie Along Came Polly 2004:

Emotion/Theme: Forgiveness, No Private Thoughts, Self Concept, Healing, Fear of love, Opening up to love, Assignment

Mini Review of Along Came Polly 2004: No amount of planning can guarantee safety or a happy outcome in form. True happiness comes from forgiveness and opening to a present moment of love. This movie is about laying aside the fear of accepting a relationship assignment and committing to the healing opportunity that comes with such an assignment.

This is perfectly illustrated when Reuben says to Polly, “So you’re going with the no plan, plan.” Avoiding making plans is a decision, although it seems like no decision. Another, and maybe the greatest, highlight is when Reuben is indecisive about what he really wants, which is shown in Polly almost leaving town. But as soon as he hears the Holy Spirit speak through his own dad, he realizes that he doesn’t want to let what he really wants just disappear out of his life. In this we see clearly how the world is always just a reflection of our thoughts and wishes.

It is all about willingness and worthiness to accept the means that will perfectly and joyfully undo old beliefs!

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