Nothing is at random…
Click the orb, let the Spirit pick your movie!


Nothing is at random.. Click the orb to  let the Spirit pick a movie for you!

Awakening Through Watching Spiritual Movies!


The Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment (MWGE) is an online searchable database of movie commentary & reviews on the best spiritual movies on the planet!

With more than 470 movie reviews including audio and video commentary from spiritual teacher David Hoffmeister, MWGE turns the universal pastime of movie watching into a portal for a whole new perspective on Life.

Our Latest Spiritual Commentaries

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Discover Movies to Help You Emotionally and Spiritually

The Emotion/Theme Index allows you to select movies that support your spiritual Awakening. Categories include:

• Blocks I Want to Remove from My Life

• How Can I Find & Follow my Life’s Purpose?

• Relationship Issues

• Identity, Money & Career

470+ movie reviews for Awakening

MWGE takes you step by step through the process of healing the mind with movies through a spiritual purpose and enlightened perception.

A Fast, Fun Way To Free Your Mind From Fear

Discover how to use spiritual movie watching to achieve peace, clarity of mind, increased energy, and happiness. Finally, a fun pathway back to God!

1000+ Audio & Video Commentary

In-depth audio and video movie commentary & reviews for the best spiritual movies ever made! Listen, watch, heal, and expand!

New Search Tools!
Find movies that support your awakening

Cross-indexing of movies so you can dial in on the best movies related to the emotions you're dealing with (fear, anger, etc.), issues you're working on (pride, addiction, etc.), or themes you're most interested in (forgiveness, collaboration, etc.)!

Bonus material

Streaming "mini-movies" and clips that will help you to focus on specific lessons and themes, and "MWGE trailers" to give you a glimpse into what the movie is about plus what to focus on in terms of its spiritual lessons.

Weekly Movie Workshops

Join us live for one of our online All-Day Spiritual Movie Workshops with David Hoffmeister and Living Miracles teachers. Participate, ask questions, and receive spiritual insights.

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Tools To

heal &

process upsets while watching


MWGE also provides helpful worksheets and “mind tools” to walk you through the healing process while you are watching a spiritual movie. If you begin experiencing uncomfortable and intense emotions arising, you can then use these tools to help you move through the emotions and transcend them.

The Levels of Mind and Instrument for Peace worksheets will support you through the process of releasing upsetting thoughts and emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger and sadness that may come up during a film.




When I think of MWGE, I think of a song from M. W. Smith ” Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, open the eyes of my heart… I want to see You..”, because to me MWGE has been such a beautiful eye-opener over and over again – miraculously and regardless of the initial theme or the setting of the movie, always just fabulous and so very helpful! TY🙌😊
Very love the messages before watching the movies. Thanks for you dedication to love and forgiveness. 🙏❤️
I want to reiterate how meaningful MWGE is in that it transforms movies into critical thinking opportunities, and becomes an impactful way to enjoy the stories told through cinema toward spiritual growth.
I absolutely love MWGE! The movies, reviews and commentaries have helped open, soften and expand my awareness in such a fun and deep way.

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