With the Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News, keep up with the latest happenings each month with the Best Spiritual Movies for your Spiritual Awakening Experience. This month's featured movie is Passengers (2016), a sci-fi love story where the two main characters discover that real joining only happens with a shared purpose of waking up.

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A Love Story Beyond Time & Space 

Passengers (2016) - A Best Spiritual Awakening Movie

"You can only really join in purpose. You can’t ultimately join in bodies, places and time. It’s the mind that has to be unified in purpose; that’s the only escape from the ego."

David Hoffmeister

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Passengers (2016) - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsEmotions/Themes: Loneliness, Forgiveness, Guilt, Victimization, Opening up to Love, Deception, Injustice, Wake-Up Call, Assignment

In this movie, both Jim and Aurora feel enraged at having been “awakened.” This parallels the deep desire in most humans to remain asleep and the strong resistance to waking up. The world places far more value on sleeping than it does on waking up to our true reality. In fact, waking as depicted by the characters in this movie, is seen as an intrusion on "life." In truth we can never be deprived of anything because God's gifts to us are eternal and so are always available now. As we loosen from our investment in what we think "life" is and what we think will bring us happiness, we discover that true forgiveness is the only concept that has any value.

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Passengers (2016) - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsThe message at the end of this movie was: they faced it together. The ship's beauty after 88 years was just reflective of Jim and Aurora following their joy, inspiration and collaborations. They had to turn away from seeing the problem outside of themselves and give up their fantasies of how they wanted their lives to be on Homestead Colony. The fantasies only perpetuated the anger, blame and the belief that something had happened to them against their will. 

    The Other "Passengers" Movie
Passengers (2016) - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

Emotions/Themes: Fear, Forgiveness, Dare to Take Step, Trust, Compromise, Fear of Sacrifice, Letting Go of Control

Excerpt: Everything we seem to experience is only an act taking place in our own mind. Fear makes you dream a dream of being a person with certain characteristics. You may be using an occupation for the making of an identity, and even this the Spirit will use for the healing of the mind. There are many helpers along the way. You need to have the courage to face the fearful thoughts of the past and welcome them into awareness. This allows you to heal and to see that you were only dreaming and that everyone was there to help you. You just perceived them wrongly.

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Question: How Do You Turn Your Ego Off?

Passengers (2016) Clip - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

Answer: One does not turn the ego off; one unplugs it by withdrawing faith in it. First you begin by paying attention to thoughts and feelings and perceptions. The chatter and emotional roller coaster ride and distorted, unstable perceptions attest to an insane ego belief system that dictates these swings. The ego must be exposed and brought to Light before the swings will give way to a consistent, stabilized perception. If you want to unplug from the ego, trust that you'll have many helpers along the way, as Claire did in Passengers.

  A Way to Tell if Thoughts Are from Ego or Spirit

Passengers (2016) - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

A technique from Christian Science for discerning whether thoughts are ego or Holy Spirit thoughts is to put “sayeth the Lord” at the tail end of the thought. If it sounds ludicrous, like I cannot believe that person did that, sayeth the Lord … well, can you imagine Jesus complaining about somebody? When you feel a thought is ridiculous you can let that it go! You can use techniques like this to start to sort what is in your mind.

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You Are Only Offended When You
Believe You Are a Camera Angle

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Imagine that your body is like a camera angle in a multi-faceted movie. The only reason that you ever get upset is because of the camera angle that you are looking through. If you were far enough back to a universal camera angle, call it the above-the-battleground camera angle, you would see that there is nothing to get hung about, as the Beatles said. You would see all is peaceful from this universal camera angle. And it is only from your individual camera angle, just one tiny camera angle of the whole movie, where the upset comes in. That is where you take it personally. That is where you have a personal offense. The world is just your mind dreaming a dream of seven billion camera angles (people) and none of those camera angles are showing you the same picture. And that's a wrap!

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